High-Quality English Proofreading and
Editing Services for all Academic Areas


Proof-Reading-Services.net exclusively offers academic proofreading and editing services for senior academics including professors, scientists and post-doctoral researchers. We cover all academic areas including Engineering, Medicine, Physical and Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Law, Management and the Humanities. We will proofread and edit your research work to the highest professional standard using the experience and skills of our professional academic and scientific editors.

With our proofreading and editing service you will have a better chance of having your research published in the best journals. If your manuscript has too many errors of English spelling and grammar, or if the journal’s style guide has not been followed, your submission may be rejected without due regard to the content of your research. Often authors are permitted to resubmit their manuscript after it has been proofread and edited by a native English speaker, but your professional image and reputation can be harmed if your submission has already been rejected in the screening process.

If English is not your first language we strongly suggest sending the manuscript to Proof-Reading-Services.net for editing and proofreading before submission. Native English speakers can also benefit from our editing and proofreading services to eliminate grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and inconsistencies. For all documents, we ensure the correct format of headings, tables and figures and bibliographical references. Our professional proofreading and editing service will give authors more confidence in the work they submit for publication.

The knowledge and expertise of Proof-Reading-Services.net’s editors can help all authors to put their ideas across clearly and effectively in perfect English. We will also check that the format is correct and that the bibliographical references are consistent and correctly set out, to make sure that you submit a professional-looking academic paper. For this purpose, we ask authors to send us the title of the target journal and any applicable instructions to authors concerning the style and format of submitted manuscripts.

Many of our customers are senior academics, including professors, scientists and researchers, who are not native English speakers and who wish to publish their research in English. We specialise in helping these customers by correcting and ensuring the consistency of their English writing, as well as editing the format of the paper.

Proof-Reading-Services.net aims to assist senior academics and researchers at all levels of experience to have their papers accepted for publication on the first submission by even the highest ranking English language journals. By using our editing and proofreading service, authors can be confident their manuscripts will not be rejected on the grounds of poor English expression or failure to observe journal style. The quality of your research and conclusions will be displayed better with professional editing and proofreading.